A Broken Heart

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    I remember when I met you, sunny day beautiful

    I ran into you lost and confused, now what to do

    first we were strangers, then we were friends

    now i'm in love with you, a love with no end

    what words do I say, what things do I do

    what money do I have, enough for you

    what looks do I posess, that you desire

    will you love me less, if your class is higher

    No I'm not rich, no I'm not perfect

    No I'm not famous, I'm always left with

    if I scream, will you be my vanity

    I promise to love you, I promise to care

    I promise to protect you, I promise to be there

    Why can't you say it, why can't you show it

    Why can't you love me, why can't you know it

     Is it my fault, is it my doing 

     Do I blame my face, that we're in ruin

     Now we're lost, no we're apart

     No return at any cost, no more pain says my heart

     Yes I still love you, Yes I still care

     No I won't tell you, not even share

     Now you're just a person, walking through a hallway

     Whenever I see you, my face looks another way

     What in my future, do I see

     My heart hopes, not you and me

     First we were strangers, then we were friends

     Now I'm in love with you, a love with no end....

                                   -ISRAEL OMEDE


Created: Apr 27, 2012


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