Age eight: a discovery (REmix)

By Joab_Nevo

"Our song is on!", my pa declared

and grabbed ma as he Fred Astaire'd


Ma Ginger'd up within a sec

and clung to the back of his neck


And as they swayed there on the lawn

the grey turn black, the wrinkles gone


 I realized, watching these teens

that radios... are time machines.



* Sooooo, I really wanted to use the child's perspsctive from the original piece, and do it in rhymes. Ended up with this pretty inconcise (and somewhat clumsy) thing. (Hee). Decided to post it anyway... If anyone feels like REmixing this further - Oh, please. Do. :)

Age eight: a discovery (REmix)

Created: Apr 26, 2012


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