Sick Again

By Joe

song i RECorded, hmm, october 2006. Don't know why I've never put it up here before. there's tons of shit (songs especially) i should probably just start letting go of, releasing, that is, the RECords.

tonight I put it up because i read a poem phonontek wrote on tumblr. i don't think he's released that on hitRECord yet. well maybe perhaps he might. His poem is called "Here Again."

ha! now, in fact, he has Released this here poem as a RECord here. So I've cited it as a Resource, the link's down there.

Anyway, this is one I made called Sick Again. the lyrics go...


sick again
tired liar
strong and scared
pair us up and dance despair
with lonely cares of might and may
and dream today away away
and say the sinners of their sin
i need some more medicine
i'm sick again
sick again
sick again
sick again

Sick Again

Created: Apr 18, 2010


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