Those in Glass Houses

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There once was a man carved from stone
He thought “oh if only i had bone”
He traveled the world as cold as steal
He thought “if only I had skin to heal”
Though he was made of stone
His own deep scars, oh how theyve shown

There once was a girl carved from class
So fragile she thought “if only time would pass”
Maybe a man would find her broken
And mend her with words unspoken
She dreamed of love, wondering if its real
Oh she wished there was love to feel

As the man walked through the trees
He found the girl her glass cracked,
He said “excuse me miss, but for i have seen
Nothing in this life so full of beauty,
I know its true, for my eyes are keen
I believe my girl i have fallen for you”

She looked him in the eyes, searching for truth,
“Sir you are made of stone, surely you could break me”
He said “miss, come with me, and we shall build bodies of our own,
More gentle than the ones we’ve been given now.”
She thought of the idea, waiting for flaws,
But this was everything she ever hoped for and more
She wondered oh she wondered what was in store
Could this man really be what she was looking for

It was true, the man was true as can be
And as time went by they came to see
That this bit of love was all that they need
So for all you that live in fear, take heed
A bit of love is all you need.
For the man of stone, and the girl of glass,
Found bodies of their own,
As time came to pass.

Created: Apr 26, 2012


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