Missing RECords

By MattConley

iCoLaborate was a real sport and submitted a humorous video RECord to the "...For the World" collaboration I started. The objective of the collaboration is to have people RECord themselves creatively saying they wouldn't miss a RECord for (fill in the blank.)

I used the contents of the "Diamonds In the Rough" album I created today (which is packed with RECords I hope people will REvisit, or visit for the first time) to make this one. Some of the REsources are widely seen RECords while others may be on the other end of the spectrum.

Either way, I chose these RECords because they demonstrate a good variety of the amazing stuff on the site and I think they work well together.

I hope this is one of many RECords to be included in the "...For the World" collab. I think it's always fun to check out RECords from way back and use them. It's great to see a lot of that going on lately! <3

Missing RECords

Created: Apr 18, 2010

Tags: instrumental, best, sean, random, end, short, picks, song, jump, bass, born, remix, kelli, hitrecord, humor, hang loose, building, regular joe, chhese on the moon, sun, jgl, sky, compile, plane, kiss kiss fantastic, clouds, splice, tree, air, red, pic, love, ending, heart, editing, photo, beginning, photography, nebulullaby, color, compilation, black and white, mister b, picture, b & w, funny, intro, humorous, montage, web cam, collab, panda, sean lennon, tonguecutsparrow, select, edit, movie, beat, circle, tori, moon, hojo, choices, selections, joe, for the world, collaboration

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