August 4th 1914

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August 4th 1914


The hall reeks, the sound is a rag

People strut, pause, clap

The old wood shielded by a mat

From the door you hear the din

The time for joy is nigh

Put on a cap


Street of destitute wets my cap

Get a rag

Tiresome times lead sleep to come this nigh

Good sir you should clap

Cabbie cannot hear through the din

Wipe your shoes on my mat


You my dear can be my mate

Just clean our caps

The echo of the din

Can be heard, even the rag

You clap

I say let’s have this night


The morrow is no longer nigh

See the muddy mat

For nourishment we’ll clap

Heaven’s sake pick up the cap

No more rag

For gone is the night’s din


Perhaps our own din?

Though it no longer be the nigh

Go to the study and play a rag

Lay out the mat

Put on your cap

I shall clap


And so we clap

We make a din

But first a cup

And in the nigh

We’ll stomp the mat

And dance a rag


The sound of the clapping wafts into the night

Consumed by the din we pound the mat

Your last chance to see my cap and hear the rag


Created: Apr 26, 2012


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