From a Real Letter

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We as people have the extraordinary gift to change.  Change for the better.  Change for the worse.  While this may be difficult, we are empowered with this gift we all too often take for granted.  We plant out feet in the wet sand, and as the sun rises, the water dissipates leaving us cemented to our current position.  We fear moving for the comfort has taken advantage of us as we watch the distant waves forcefully crash.  The unseen floor forever changing as we only look to the priming of the surface.  Scared to face what may lie beneath.  So I reach my hand out to you, in a time when your own waves seemed to be crashing into your delicate position, mystifying the reality of what makes you smile.  What winds your clock.  We are given cards in this life, and the game is never over – but too often we become comfortable and fear the risk of letting go what we have grown to love.  I don’t ask anything in return, except a chance to help you move your feet once more.  To dance quietly upon the surface, never fearing the setting sun, because I promise you, the moon will once again rise and light your way.  If ever you fear the shadows, know it simply means a light is near by. 

Created: Apr 26, 2012


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