The REGULARITY (#68) 04/25/12

By The Regularity



THE REGULARITY #68 (04/25/12)


WRITERS / ILLUSTRATORS / EDITORS: We want to work with you on THE TINY BOOK OF TINY STORIES, VOLUME 2! Write, illustrate, or edit Tiny Stories and contribute them HERE.

Vol. 1 did so well (over 20,000 copies sold worldwide and counting) that the good folks at It Books (a subsidiary company of Harper Collins) want to make an even bigger push for Vol. 2. They would like a final draft done by JUNE!

To help jump-start the TINY STORIES V2 collaboration, meet our first Resident Director, the maestro of all things Tiny - wirrow!


Contribute your Tiny Stories to the collaboration HERE!


Thanks Again!




FCP by Dr. Gory

The REGULARITY (#68) 04/25/12

Created: Apr 26, 2012


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