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I'm not going to lie. 'Run' is essentially a test. This is the first (piece of) screenplay that I've ever written, and to be honest, I don't really know what it is yet. At the moment, it kind of plays out as a trailer/short film, but I guess it could develop into anything. Please give it a read. Criticism and feedback is always welcome, but I'd love it if someone took this and altered it, or did something really cool with it. Or, if you've got an idea for where this could go in terms of the bigger picture, I'd love to hear them. I've got a couple of ideas myself, and I've planted a couple of seeds in this first draft, but as I say, this could turn into anything. The most likely scenario is that it doesn't change at all - it stays as it is and doesn't become anything more, which would be fine as, like I said before, this essentially started out as screenwriting practise. Anyway, I'm rambling, here it is:




JONNY is barely visible in the darkness of the bedroom. He is breathing heavily. A small amount of light from the streetlights outside creeps in through the blinds.

JONNY moves over to the window and looks through the blinds. A figure can be made out on the far right. Jonny ducks down, before slowly moving up to peer through the blinds once more. The figure can no longer be seen. Jonny turns on his torch and shines it down through the window. As it falls onto the figure, Jonny jerks back away from the window. Movement can be heard outside.



(Panicked and breathless)

Shit! I need to hide. That was stupid. I need to hide.


Jonny moves out of the room, using his torch to find the way. As he moves past the top of the staircase, a figure can be seen through frosted glass at the bottom, then the streetlights outside go off. Jonny notices neither of these.

He moves into another room, goes over to a cupboard and climbs inside, closing the door behind him. Briefly the torch lights his face, but after a moment he turns it off. There is total darkness for a couple of moments. Jonny breathes very heavily. After a few moments, a phone alarm can be heard coming from downstairs.






Jonny can be heard climbing out of the cupboard, moving out of the room and running downstairs, stumbling as he goes.

The alarm gets louder as he gets closer. As he moves into a room downstairs, the phone can be seen on a table, partially lighting up the room. Jonny fails to notice a figure hunched over, barely visible in the darkness of the corner of the room. He rushes over to the phone and turns off the alarm. Sounds can be heard coming from other rooms in the house.



I need to get out. Oh no.


Jonny moves to the front door. He opens it slowly and goes outside.






Shit! Where the hell did the streetlights go?


Jonny can be heard running down the street in the total darkness. After a few moments, a second pair of running footsteps can be heard, getting louder. Thwack! ADAM bangs into Jonny and knocks him over. There are a few moments of silence.



I-is that somebody? Please be human. Please be human.




Oh, thank God. Look, I'm really sorry man, we need to go.

Jonny and Adam can be heard running down the street in the darkness.


What the hell happened to the lights?


I don't know.


Can't see a thing.


I know.


Wait, I've got a light.


Adam can be heard sparking the lighter. The flame suddenly flickers into existence, lighting the characters somewhat. They can be seen running in the darkness.



They get into your house?


Not my house, but yeah.




Adam turns his head to look behind himself while running.



Shit, wait. There are some lights back that way.


The two men stop running. They pant heavily, out of breath.



You really want to go back that way?


Not really...


Jonny moves forward.



...But I really don't want to be in the dark when those things find us.


Jonny turns to face Adam.



Shit. Okay...lets go. Run.


They turn around and begin sprinting back down the street, towards the streetlights. The two men move continuously further from sight, towards the horizon. The title, 'Run', appears on-screen in white. After a while, another figure comes into shot, walking slowly in their direction.



Created: Apr 25, 2012

Tags: screenplay, run

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