poem: gardner of your soul

By LucidDream

I was thrown into a conflicted family my boat tossing and turning until
my sails ripped rendering me immobile
and unprepared for life
and fearful of the instability of existence
Iike a plant adapting to toxic ground I grew to have some toxic
my experiences of myself and others always added
up to less then the ideals of my mind
while my heart cried blood
pumping into my veins

there was a breach between my head and my heart
when my identity was beginning to build
and I mistook this for the final product
but people are not things
they are ever evolving works in progress
it was simply a prototype I am now dismantling
piece by piece
to create a better me

The wisps of whispers of truths
echo in the patterns we create
while trying to make the same story good, better, different
we are caught in a spiral
but it is our choice as to whether we ascend or descend.
Souls should wing upwards
We are not fallen angels that should end in flame

The enigma of growth is beginning to unravel as we change
the juxtaposition of our way of seeing , being , and learning
This tapestry in translation always has an impact
like a historian piecing together the puzzle of a time

we can not only learn from our past in a mental way
but implement it in a way to change the future into
an unknowing shoreline waiting to be explored

We don't have to wait for divine intervention, the right lover,
or anything else to enter our lives

the waiting time has passed

retrace the routes you have traveled then
go for the unmarked trails new only to you.
See life as an adventure instead of a conquest
go on a treasure hunt for yourself
and harvest the sacred of you.

Life is full of windows and mirrors
some you look out of and others into
but once you can look at the very depth of your being with acceptance
true growth sprouts.

you are your own history in the making

you are the gardner of your soul

poem: gardner of your soul

Created: Apr 17, 2010


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