My darling, the trapeze artist

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You ran off and joined the circus
In March of 1991
But I’ve been down that road my darling
And you won’t be happy when you’re done

You’ll go on for your performance
And the audience will cheer your name
But they don’t know what I see, darling
They don’t know you’re not the same

I know they’re going to tell you
“Nothing matters but flying free”
My darling, they’re going to tell you
To forget all about me

Darling, you’re no bearded woman
And you sure ain’t no three armed man
But you don’t have to fly, doing tricks in the sky
Darling, can’t you understand?

Well I don’t want to know where you’ve been
And to be honest, I don’t care
I just want to know if you are headed home
‘Cause I’ll be waiting for you there

Created: Apr 25, 2012


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