Miriam’s Monsters

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Miriam’s monsters live under her bed, 
Growly and Angry and Bitey and Fred, 
Although they look horrid, they’re really quite sweet, 
When Miriam’s gloomy, they tickle her feet,
They live off a diet of dustballs and fluff, 
And spend all day playing with Miriam’s stuff, 
But, she doesn’t mind cause they treat it with care, 
And keep the place tidy and always play fair,
Miriam’s monsters defy the cliché, 
That monsters should act a particular way, 
And prove that it’s wrong to judge beasts on their looks, 
Or their fangs or their horns or their razor-sharp hooks, 
Or their venomous pincers or glowing red eyes, 
Give a monster a chance and you might be surprised! 
Fred, for example, likes peaceful Spring walks, 
While Growly gives great motivational talks, 
Bitey, a chef, serves up gourmet delights, 
And Angry gets scared when you turn out the lights, 
Cast aside preconceptions, forget what you’ve heard, 
From fairytale fibs to the truly absurd, 
Monsters, like us, each have different faces, 
That differ on an individual basis, 
And must be judged separately, not as a bunch, 
Or on an unfounded, historical hunch, 
Miriam’s monsters get terribly sad, 
When people think that they’re inherently bad, 
So, next time you label a beast by his head, 
Think of Growly and Angry and Bitey and Fred

Created: Apr 25, 2012


Metaphorest Document Media