Forgotten RECords?

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Alright so I read some remarks ntheon and InkedCanvas made on a record here and it was basically about the fact that some records are falling through the cracks and that this possibly resulted in losing some of the new members because they maybe thought their art isn't good enough or felt ignored.
(racheltb proofed us wrong today haha)

That made me think about myself. I am a member of this community since October 2009 and I "vanished" for a while too because I was really busy.
What I want to say is that I never felt ignored or forgotten or not worthy to be a part of hitRECord. This community is the total opposite. It is a warm, welcoming and really creative place where I feel free to publish my art without being scared of the reaction it's getting. It is always something very personal to make your art viewable in public. I usually tend to feel insecure about stuff I create. Will they like it? Is it good? Could it be better? As a matter of fact this place is perfect for people like me. Nothing has to be perfect because there is someone else who can use it and turn it into something amazing.

Yes, some of the records are getting more attention than others but that certainly doesn't mean that records that haven't gotten as many hearts as others aren't brilliant as well. I stumbled over so many amazing records just by accident. I simply never saw them before because this site is always active/alive/vibrant/vivid (whatever you wanna call it).
No matter what time it is there's always a new record. So it's hard to keep track but I hope that we're all able to see how much love is involved here.

Being productive is one thing but being productive and have fun while doing it is simply amazing!!!

Maybe ntheon's random RECord game is a good start. I found some hidden gems this way...

KEEP ON RECORDING!! (no matter if you're a newbie or you've been around for some time)


Created: Apr 17, 2010

Tags: forgotten records

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