The Vail

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I made a mistake. I wasn't listening to your words. what I thought would be an affair to remember, I wind up being a cheap escape. Instead of processing your words, I wanted to keep you. I've been waiting, till you give me a pull. 

I pull away the vail. Show my vulnerability till it shines like gold. I let my guard down. Found a way to let you in. the aroma of cigarette smoke and Victoria's Secrets' It's Sexy Cologne for Men haunts the air, succumbing to us both. 

No one knows I'm here. Summer wind blowing out into the clear blue August sky. I pull away the vail. Let my insides show. I only wish you had eyes for me. 

I should have you by my side. What was left, was a piercing of sorts. Night falls. Words fail. Down the drainpipes they go. My protective vail broken. 

You led me on. You flirted with me first. You led me to believe you wanted to be with me more than just friends. You shared your fears with me. I thought I was giving what we both wanted. Shame on me for letting my protective guard down. Shame on me for letting my vail sail away. I didn't listen to your words. Shame on me. 

                                                                 The End

Created: Apr 25, 2012

Tags: poetry

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