Old Friend

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Oh, the stories I could tell; you could tell

Of melancholy Manhattan mornings

And of bloody Brooklyn busrides.


My dear remember, that's how we first fell 

Into friends. Friends fell in. 

Into love. Fell into friends again. 


Oh, the stories we could tell of us,

You could tell of us; I could tell of us.

Dreadful discussions 

that only drove us deeper into the 

desert of depression. 

Empty sick laughter 

That rumbled and roared

And morphed into healing power. 


Oh, the beautifully pitiful talks we have had

That have left my stomach empty with a pit of nostalgia.

I miss you, twisted friend. Twisted friend, I miss you.

I miss you and I-intertwined- in mind.  

Please, again, be mine.

Created: Apr 25, 2012


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