Military Life Style

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Military Life Style

Upbeat music

EVENING: Small apartment bathroom. Bright lighting. Fogged mirror.

A cute young girl is in the bathroom brushing her wet hair. She wipes the condensation from the mirror and looks into it. She is wearing a tank top and blue jeans.


She brushes her teeth.

Dries her hair

Puts on mascara

Does a final once over and walks out of the bathroom.

EVENING: Small bedroom. Clothes strewn about. Girl enters and turns on her computer. She grabs clothes and puts them on (With out the camera seeing anything inappropriate). They are very flattering clothes, dress casual. She sits in front of her computer and leans forward a bit to look at the screen.

More upbeat music.

MORNING: inside of a military barrack a young man is sitting at his desk. He has a mirror perched on his desk and he is doing some adjusting.


He stands to tuck in his shirt.

Leans over and looks in the mirror.

Slaps his cheek, as if to wake up.

Opens his eyes wide and blinks a couple times.

Lifts his arm and sniffs his arm pit, then the other.

Gets down on the floor and does push ups.

He then goes to sit at his computer on the desk. He clicks a few buttons. He is shaking his knee.


                                                (whispers) Cmon, cmon.

EVENING: the young girl we saw getting ready earlier is sitting at her desk. She is using her web cam.


                                                Hi, baby!


                                                Hey baby girl! How are you?


                                                I’m so good. So happy to finally see your face!


                                                I know! Baby you’re more beautiful than ever.


                                                Thanks honey! (Pause) So guess what I’m picking up tomorrow?




                                                My ring, baby! I can finally wear it.


                                                Aw hon, I wish I was there to put it on your finger and call you mine forever.

They continue talking as such, both so excited to see the other.

DAYTIME: Outside a jewelery store on the main street of a small town.

The girl is walking down the street with her head high and car keys in hand. She is on a mission.

DAYTIME: inside a jewlerey store

The owner recognizes the girl waves and takes out a small ring box. She slides it over to the girl. The girl is all smiles, and as giddy as a school girl.


                                                It’s a beautiful ring. Your man has good taste.


                                                Well he did choose me.

The girl opens the box and there is a white gold ring with a very shiny, but small sized diamond on top. The girl takes it out and puts it on. She holds her hand away from her admiring it, and pulls her hand into a fist at her chest and hugs her hand. The jeweler smiles.

Created: Apr 25, 2012


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