JoJo as a Mother

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Jo Nell Smith, always known as "JoJo", was the most feared mother on the block. She was intimidating as hell. The kids on the street loved their JoJo and always left her house with a story. Her daughter, Angela, was the rebel of the bunch. The other three sisters looked up to her and admired her for her fearless attitude, but snickered when she was punished by JoJo. Angela decided one night, late in the hours, to go see her newest crush. He was older and had a car. Naturally, he drove to pick her up. Just as Angela was making her hop out of the window, she heard a ruckus at the front door."You better get your sorry tail out of my driveway or I swear I'll blow you to China and back!"
Angela knew that tone...and that voice. JoJo had discovered the blue mustang out front. And the boy discovered the shot gun JoJo had in her hands.

Created: Apr 24, 2012


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