Cait's Album Remixed

By Dr_Gory

If I were a jellyfish, I'd dream of bicycles....
I been working this gig that takes up all of my day, 5 days a week. So my hitRECord time has been severely diminished. However, the other day they put Avid on my computer (read more)
Now me being a Final Cut Pro kid and all, trying to use Avid is like trying to write in a different language, you know what you want to say but you have to go about it in a completely different way.
So, I was looking for a good exercise to better understand the program, and thats when I thought, "I need some RECords to monkey around with."
Well, I found Cait's delicious album of RECords, she was so kind enough to include tommacarte's groovy track to supplement her visual choices and I started exercising.
This is a simple edit tryout with Avid, next up has gotta be some visual effects experiments.
Thanks Cait ...... and thanks hitRECord for being so dam accessible.

Cait's Album Remixed

Created: Apr 16, 2010


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