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I am vintage furniture. I need walls to keep me warm. You are sturdy walls. You need furniture to fill you up with meaning.

I am naked words. I need music to dance with. You are raw music. You need words to dance on.

I am romantic pianist. I need keys to keep my hands from shaking. You are lonely piano. You need a musician to light you up.

I am liberated laughter. I need tears to harmonize with. You are melodic tears. You need laughter to duet with.

I am empty pen. I need ink to pump in my veins. You are fresh ink. You need a riverbed to flow in.

I am bitter tea. I need sugar to make me lovely. You are sparkling sugar. You need tea in order to melt.

I am scattered pages. I need binding to put these scenes in order. You are secure binding. You need pages to make a story.

Created: Apr 22, 2012


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