poem :moving target

By LucidDream

We're all on the same boat.

It is sinking while holding such precious cargo.

I ponder the definition of patriotic

when the media puts a spell

of fear and consumerist gluttony

on the TV watching masses.

When the selling point of Mega stores

is the contamination of our souls

the exchange rate is us

becoming robots

hurrying in circles

to the junkyard.

Prey to a government of pirates and cannibals

who steal the truth and

banquet on our ignorance.

They wear a lamb coat of many colors

but the wolves are all the same.

The odds are in favor of the house

whose predominant tongue

is forked with lies.

Immersed in the pictures that dumb us down

is a haunting portrait

a bouquet of lost souls.

We are fishing in the dark.

A student body trapped

in a laboratory of quick fixes.

Human experiments of

bones,and skulls

teeth clamped shut in silence.

Our brains slowed down to the pace

of radio waves blaring

love songs and what not to wear.

We are raised in the pursuit of sameness

but it can end with a dream

of an honorable passion for the

conservation of diversity.

We are living history

we are history living in the flesh

and there is strength in numbers.

Let's get off the express highway

and onto

the highway of expression.

Let's nurture our different talents,

take back our strong hearts,

and make our minds move faster

because it is harder to kill

a moving target

poem :moving target

Created: Apr 16, 2010


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