GV's RE RECS Sunday 22, April 2012

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Hello guys, I've been busy and also my computer died 3 days ago, I had to buy a new one so right now I am just adding all the files and documents into my new lap top and also I've been working a lot these days, so today, I made my regular weekly RE REC video, but I wasn't able to make the review that I made for each record every week, but I just want to let you know that if you are in my album is because I LOVE your record, we had a lot of great illustrations, music and videos the last week, and here you can see my favorites, Hope you enjoy the video, hugs guys and have a great weekend and a fantastic week!!!!!!!


1. Abracadorable by annejumps

2. Dalkulla's Mason jar of lonely dreams by sojushots

3. Star Tree Remix by Melananie

4. Rain by Mr.Green

5. Hitrecord (American Sign Language) by aimeecanto

6. Looking forward by Rochelle Boucher

7. A Girl sewing her wings by Lea Daniel

8. Jared Bunny (paper) by sinnamin

9. Bunny RECorders Poster (Sinnamin remix) by adhgraphicdesign

10.Uncloaked (Theabones Remix) by bloemday

11.Fright Face by moonbug

12.Inspiration by Emma Conner

13.Family Togetherness by rewfoe

14.Musoke the rainbow giraffe by themetafictionist

15.Moon by Joab Nevo

16.Ghost Cowboy by Chloe04


Video Recommendations:

1. Jellyfolk. The Early Years by Marielv

2. West by North Bank (version 2) by Edward Shallow


Music Recommendations:

1. Dreamer's Lullaby by tiafischer

2. Ppeppina's Empty Paper (remix) by The Morning Hollows

Other records that I used for this video: Feathers - HitRECord logo bumper (onwhite) by rawmotion


Created: Apr 22, 2012


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