Children's Book: Why Am I Here?

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Why Am I Here?

The child wakes up in the morning and decides he wants to know more about life and why we are all here. Whats the purpose? He goes about his ordinary day meeting people along the way, and he asks them all the question, why are you here?

Doctor: make people feel better
Teacher: Help people learn

Then he comes across some different answers

Truck Driver: play the guitar, make music
The kid asks, aren’t you here to drive the truck?
Driver: Someone has to drive the truck but what i love is music, and I am on this earth to play the guitar.

Homeless man: Feed The birds
Clown: Make people laugh
Mom: To love him

Kid asks why am I here?

Mom says, to do whatever you want to have your whole life to figure it out.....

Its meant to be an existential take on life but for a child, and it also has meaning to anyone else reading it. I thought it would be a great idea for a book, really its just an outline. I need some help with ideas on who should be in the book, like doctor, homeless man, etc. what they say their purpose is. And also illustrations. Any ideas for characters? And it would be cool if each page had a different artist, because every views life differently and so each person should have their own artistic characteristics.

Created: Apr 16, 2010


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