Cheater (unfinished song)

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Hey guys, I just made this song on my ukulele and I'm having trouble composing the verses. I uploaded the chorus for you and maybe someone would like to help with the rest of the song. Here are the lyrics:

(Chords: F G C Am)

Yes I might not be little miss perfect

And I might have done some stupid things

I know I don’t deserve you in many ways

don’t even deserve to write this song to you


Yes I might have done some things

That are hard to take back and fix

But these words are from the bottom of my heart

I need you so much and I know you still love me


I’m not a cheater in the way you think I am

I’m just a girl who gets lonely when you’re not near

I’ve been thinking of you when I did what I did

And I felt awful every minute of it


You’re not supposed to leave me on my own

And then blame me for the pain inside of me

If you want me you’d better be beside me

Now you’ve gone and made me feel guilty


I’m not a horrible person, I just feel horrible…

Created: Apr 21, 2012


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