who she is (a poem)

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Sometimes I think that she needs herself

Herself, and no one else

We’re merely here

To reappear and compliment her grace

That. And her face


A mirror serves as her best friend

Seeing as the rest of us just pretend

She knows what she doesn’t

And she doesn’t know that

That. And the fact.


The fact she’s boringly beautiful

Not even stunningly plain

Her personality wanes 

After the basis of first names

That introduction makes the boys insane.


Everybody loves to hate her

That’s her claim to fame

Attention is her drug of choice

Heroin to Kurt Cobain

She’ll get her fix any way.


That fake laugh, no smiles from her blank eyes

She knows nobody knows what lies inside

Putting on that showy façade to mask it

And that’s her disguise

That’s sad. That so little lies, behind her eyes.

Created: Apr 21, 2012

Tags: poem, sadness, love, sorrow

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