Tiramisu (Dialogue Tale)

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"Oh, for the love of- !"

"It was the monkeys."


"Tons of them. They could fly, too."

"Are you saying that flying monkeys ate my tiramisu?"

"... VICIOUS flying monkeys, yes."

"Alright, if vicious flying monkeys ate the last of my tiramisu, then why didn't you stop them?"

"They looked pretty hungry..."

"Is that creme on your chin?"

"... No..."

"Yes it is, I can see it, it's right there."

"No it's not."

"You still haven't wiped it off."

"Shutup, the monkeys put it there."

"This is ridiculous."

"I know! Not only did they steal YOUR tiramisu, but they're messy eaters!"

"Go buy me another piece of tiramisu."


Created: Apr 21, 2012


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