The Love Freak

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Imagine you fall in love for the first time. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, and most importantly, you can’t wait to go to high school on the next day and see your beloved again. However, you wake up with a pair of shabby, awkward wings, and you don’t know what to do with them! Yikes.

You try to clip them but no pair of scissors is strong enough. You try to hide them but they insist on sticking out of your back, not even folding a little to relieve your frustration. So you put on a few layers of clothes, all the while your mother makes a fuss about you being late and how there’s not enough time for breakfast, and your sister keeps banging on the door asking for her dolls back.

You look in the mirror and realize... hiding the wings is a lost cause.

So you pack your toothbrush, a couple of shirts, pants, dozen comic books, a flashlight, your iPod, phone, some money, and squish your heavy backpack against the bulging wings. Now you’re ready to set out on your trip to the infamous Snipper Factory, where Mr. Snipper will remove any love-induced physical growth or mental warp. Ashamed, you sneak out of the house, knowing that you are one of the Love Freaks, and hoping that Mr. Snipper will live up to his reputation.

Created: Apr 20, 2012


lynmidnight Document Media