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Lizziemackie's "To This" has been somethng of an inspiration to me as of late. I love how the message of her song has a sort of transcendant quality about the universality of love. The song can be attributed to anyone you have deep compassion for: lover, sibling, parent, child, friend, even the love of a city or idea. At first I wanted to try to encapsulate all of it in the entire 3 minutes and 40 seconds of the video, but then I stumbled upon eaneikciv's videos, and the idea to have the song take on each aspect of the idea of love in its entirety struck. This video is about the most basic and primal of loves, that between parent and child. I searched through the site for as many videos of hitRECorders and their children, and hitRECorders as children, as I could find, and I edited them together with the music. By far the funnest time I've had making a RECord. And then I remembered text I had seen from a few pieces written on love, and I combined words from " about love..." and "Understanding Hearts" for the intro to the video. I added a record needle on vynil sound to throughout the song, because I think it lends to the feeling of cracking open those old home movies and reliving those memories. My hope is that every aspect of the message of Lizziemackie's song can be explored through the videos we have, and we can have kind of a collection of "To This" videos. If not, at the very least, I hope this RECord brings a smile to your face. Because it certainly did to mine.

Created: Apr 20, 2012

Tags: to this, lizziemackie, mother's wisdom, child-like, lovesongs, re: love, dream. balloons, i wished, puppy, regarding love

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