Imagination's Window

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Sometimes inspiration hits you in the face. Sometimes all you can do is spin words, create metaphors, and pull shapes and images out of the churning, whirling abyss known as your brain. It's there, it's alive--burning in your fingers. Your whole body hums with energy, buzzing with the creative flow you've longed for, yearned for, seek in simple things like a rock on the side of the street or complicated things like the abstract concept of hope and truth and love and justice.

You create a world. A beautiful world, be it in art or fashion or film or music or prose. It's yours, it's something to keep--something to treasure. It's your baby, up to you to coddle and spoil (or neglect) and twist into something crisp and unique. It's a composition like a fingerprint and you leave your mark on the artistic world, no matter how big or small.

And sometimes all you can do is wait.

Created: Apr 18, 2012

Tags: inspiration

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