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Musoke was always unhappy

He was a lonely little giraffe

Just because he didn't look like them,

The others would always laugh


He was considered an anomaly

Humiliated by the rest of the herd

Musoke's body was completely white

And his spots, differently coloured


The other giraffes made such cruel jokes

And gawked at him with curious eyes

They said that he had been cursed

And Musoke often wondered why


Why nobody wanted to be his friend

And trotted off when he started to talk

He ate his meals all alone

And went by himself for a walk


He watched the others run around

And play all day in the sun

While he sat under a shady tree

Wishing he could join in the fun


One day it started raining

The herd waited for the clouds to clear

To their amazement, in the now, blue sky

A beautiful rainbow magically appeared


No one could believe their eyes

Musoke and the rainbow were the same hues

It was then they realized he was special,

Musoke had come from heaven too




Created: Apr 18, 2012


sinnamin Document Media