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Orphaned Scene #4

By Emma-Conner


Of course it was an accident.




Kyle --


Kyle's hands shake. He's been hanging on to this for a very long time.



No. I was with these two guys and we were doing drugs. I had a fight with them and I realised, I didn't even know these clowns names!

He GIGGLES, hysterical.

Linda keeps her back to him, but she's listening.



I thought: I'm probably gonna die one day surrounded by these cunts whose names I don't know, because I'd driven all my real friends and -- and all the people I loved...and I remembered what you said to me.




It's okay, L. It's okay because you know what? I made me sick too. So I took all these pills -- I think they were Percocet -- 'cause I'd already done so much coke I figured that would work.


And none of this shit would matter anymore.


Linda finally turns around.

Kyle is tired and seems much younger than his years. A teenager who never really grew up

Orphaned Scene #4

Created: Apr 18, 2012


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