The Lonely Cent

By Lettuce_Cree8

There once was an old, unshaven, heavy set man who liked to read very much. In fact, it was his passion. Though, his lifelong dream was to open his very own used book store. However, everywhere this man went people would avoid him as quickly as they could. For the man never seemed to bathe or wash himself. In fact, he was often seen wearing the same brown polyester pants and the same beige undersized shirt that somewhat exposed his belly button. Needless to say, his foul odor offended others, as nice of a man as he was.

Then one day, the man had decided to take his remaining $5,000 (his life savings) and buy a used bookstore business. This made him feel so happy to do this. However, after many months of being open for business, day after day, he couldn't seem to get any customers. People would come in for a short while and then leave without buying anything. He was left staring at $5,000 worth of unsold books. Then one day, he finally got a customer. It was his friend, the priest at his local parish. Only one book was sold that day... the only book he ever sold. The man passed away soon after. They said he died in his sleep of natural causes... broke and lonely. The End.

The Lonely Cent

Created: Apr 15, 2010


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