random bit of writing #3

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“Has the Devil Ever Whispered Into Your Ear?”

And said,

“Take a hit?”

He has whispered

Into my lonely ear

It had to have been him

To take over my conscience

I was not a

Not even a puff

Of a cigarette

Had ever tempted

My lips

But salvia

Was an unexpected friend

A feared enemy

I was a good girl

Whose only escape was

Reading about fantasy worlds

But now I am an


I love it

I hate it

I adore what it does for me

I despise what I have become


“At Eighteen”

I am the oldest

Of eight children

The favorite of my father

The envy of my mother

The perfect child

Of any parents’ dreams

I have never cut loose

Never been in trouble

Never gotten less

Than straight A’s

Varsity cheerleading

Varsity basketball

Despite a lack of a girl’s team

At my school I made

The varsity baseball team

I spent my summers swimming

Training for the Olympics

Scholarship offers flooded in

Because I was a star

But I never needed one

Dad is a brain surgeon

Mom is a cardiologist

I live in a world

Of overachievers

What a boring life

I’m sick of being


Perfect daughter

Perfect student

Perfect role model

For seven siblings

“I Feel Like Art”

Put on display

To admire

Beautiful face

With green eyes

Auburn hair

High cheek bones

Full seductive lips

Flawless ivory skin

Athletic body

Every hallway

I travel down

Eyes follow

Men want me

Women want to be me

I am the cliché

Of perfection

So why do I wish

I was someone else?

The pressure of perfection

Is too much to bear

That’s why I took that first hit

And began my downward spiral

Created: Apr 15, 2012


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