The Big Picture

By Metaphorest

My 100th RECord!!!!

A song I wrote when I was about 17 - spruced up a bit with an extra verse and recorded today :)

Overgrown hedges
In between the fields
Just like the mess that
Separates me
From the big picture
The world at my feet
And the sky up above me
Can’t make me complete
Can’t make me complete

All packed up in boxes
Ready to go
Try to find an escape route
Under ten feet of snow
And the ground is filled with landmines
Snipers in the grass
And a tightness in breathing
From the weight of the past
From the weight of the past

I made a bed beside you
I left my thoughts inside you
I failed although I tried to
Live true

Remember my first name
As well as my last
Remembering birthdays
And the ghosts of the past
Throwing every window open
So the air can get in
To blow through my memories
And my sorry skin
And my sorry skin

The Big Picture

Created: Apr 14, 2010


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