RE RECS for Sunday April 15 2012

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RE RECS for Sunday April 15, 2012

Hi guys, I wasn’t able to make my RE RECS the last weekend, because I was on vacations, but I am back now, so here you have my RE RECS for this week, a lot of fantastic things are happening at HR, a lot of great collaborations, contributions and ideas.

Hope you all enjoyed my video:


  1.  Dalkulla’s Jar of Dreams by Aimee canto: There are a lot of remixes made with the jar, shadows un jars, hearts in jars, and they are all great but this one is one of my favorite so far, I think that it works really great, because that’s how I think that our dreams are, hidden un small jars in our brain, great remix Aimee!

  2.  Dooooodle by lienemikelsone: I love the style of this doodle, I think that is really great, and maybe somebody can make a tiny story or a remix with this one, I really like this!

  3. Star Tree (Tiny Story) by Sinnamin: I love this tiny story made by Sin, I don’t know if somebody made already an illustration for this, but if nobody did it, I think that somebody should try to make a remix or an illustration for this, great job sin!

  4. Esmeralda Reaches the stars by sojushots: Another fantastic drawing made by sojushots, I love every single drawing or painting that soju uploaded at HR, but I have to say that this is one of my favorite so far, and it would be great if somebody make a tiny story or more remixes of this!!!!

  5. Her Own Space by mirtle: mirtle did it again, I love her work and her style, I think that it’s so unique and awesome, I love this one, I think that it can be used for any remix or even another tiny story.

  6. Hot Buttered Toast by meaganmoore: I love this, the style is impeccable, I´ll love to see this with colors and maybe somebody can make a remix, with some background or maybe making some additions of other characters or elements! Great job!!!!

  7. Super 8 clips by nightonthesun: I love this video, I love how the camera is moving, I love that it looks like in sepia and it seems like an old video, I think that this is a great footage and it can be used for a lot of things, especially video editing or any kind of footage.

  8. Joe stills contact sheet resource by artanon: This is great, artanon always create fantastic things, I love what he did here, it’s great, and it can be used for a lot of things, I would love to see this in any kind of story using every image as a continuous shot or something like that, great job as always!!!!

  9. Revenge of the masked menace by rebekahjoyplett: I love everything about this, in fact I am working right now with this record adding some colors and also I am going to make a remix with this, so somebody else can make something with this??? Maybe a tiny story????

  10. Sunlit flowers for sale by Kouralilly: Flowers are one of my favorite things and every time that I saw a great picture with the quality of this one, I have to recommend this, great job Koura, the flowers, the colors and the textures looks awesome in this picture!

  11. The bird reaper and the bird keeper… by adhgraphicdesign: Amber is one of my favorite remixes at HR, she is doing a great job making remixes of every collaboration at HR, this one is one of my favorite so far, and I love it!!!!

  12. The legend of the Tenebrae animated by Ranouse: CURATOS ATTENTION PLEASE!!! Guys, looks at this animation, I think that this is brilliant, the animation is perfect, the story of the tenebrae captured in this video is so sad and beautiful at the same time, This video is a gem, heart this and feature this guys , I think It’s just fantastic!!!!

  13. The captive Princess by Proi: Love this, I want to see this with colors and maybe somebody can make a tiny story or something else with this illustration, I imagine this with some additions like fishes or water texture, so there are a lot of possibilities for this record.

  14. There by saintmaker: Saint, you are a genius, your pictures are of my favorites at HR, we have a lot of great photographers here but your good eye for beautiful pictures is unique, beautiful as always!!!

  15. He became a swan (Tiny Story) by Vedder: V, this is fantastic; you made exactly what they are asking for the sojushot’s album of records, that we have to create new remixes and stories based on these fantastic drawings and you did a great job with this one! BRAVO!

  16. Through the forest – Remix of a remix by belcath1981: Another great remixer with another example of a great remix, I think that belcath always know exactly what resources to use in every single remix that she made, and she always surprise us with this fantastic creations, awesome as always belcath!

  17. Who turned the sky off by asid: Love it, I think this is brilliant, and I really feel identified with this story, because when I was a little girl I always thought that at night somebody turn off the sky, really I did, so that’s why I love this so much!!!!

  18. Women in the crowd by Lea Daniel: Lea’s work is amazing, she have a great and unique style, like sojushots or mirtle, that’s why I am always using her records for remixes and other things, this one is great, as always!!!!

Music and Readings recommended this week:

-          Dalkulla and Wilhelm reading by Madisen Music: Love this reading, Madi, your voice is perfect for VO’s or readings, I think that this is one of my favorite readings of a story at HR so far and the addition of the music make it more perfect yet!!!

-          Empty Paper by ppeppina: girl, you are awesome, I love every single of your songs, and this one is not the exception, great voice and great song!!!

-          Run on Little Children by monkeychow: Love this song monkeyC, you know that I love your music, but this one is one of my favorite songs of you so far, love it!!!! Great job!

Another records used on this video:

-          Stop-motion new Hitrecord Logo by yes-you-am & RE REC spinning Bumper by MattConley

Thanks guys for the support with my Shadows Project, you are awesome!!! And I hope you all have a great Sunday and weekend!!!!

Created: Apr 15, 2012


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