By HelloLindsayyyyyy

I am wasting my potential; everyone not doing anything worthwhile is.

I see everyone going for a guarantee. Nursing, teaching, and auto mechanics seem like the only achievable goals around here. It discourages me greatly to think in 5 years I could still be sifting for a connection in to the filming business, while my friends live comfortably in everything they've ever wanted. And I will be horrendously happy for them (and sleeping on their couches!)
But that's just it, I don't want anything else.

I sometimes wonder if chasing an invisible career is worth it, and then I see movie trailers, commercials, television shows or films that really amaze me. Like straight up, amaze me. They hit me in a way that has no explanation.
The way the person speaks, his voice, the music in the background so magically fitting and the words poetically falling out of their mouths are enough to stop my world completely, even if for a moment. And that's when I realize the shiver in my back, and the goosebumps running up my arms and I know that attempting anything else will never be enough. Not ever.

I need to create to be happy. I need to be chasing greatness to be happy. I need to get in to film. Nothing else will cut it.

I've been thinking, as dreamers often do, and Here's to dream chasing; I will never settle for the easy route, and I wish the same for you. There's to dream catching.


Honestly, I just really felt like hitting RECord. It's been 13 days since my last [real] confession...;]


Created: Apr 14, 2010


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