A poem about the fear of giving yourself away. "I Rather Have The L...

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[title cont: ...ights Off""]

Would you believe me if I said,

I'd kill myself coz I love you to death,

I rather have the, Lights off


You tip toe or stumble on,

With or without your heels on,

Believe me you are, Beautiful 


Its uneasy to regret,

I always make the same mistake,

I rather have the, Lights off


It's embarrassing at night

When im trying to pick a fight

Looking for and, finding no one

You're the only one, I want to hold

I'll let the other ones, grow grim and cold

I rather have the, Lights off

Happiness is juxtaposed

And slightly overdosed

Please be there when I... (If I ever dare to)

Turn them on.


Daniel Arco

Created: Apr 13, 2012


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