New Tomorrow

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I hope for the dawn of tomorrow, I fear the end of tonight, 

while I lay sound asleep, my eyes stay shut tight. 

Its the thoughts I cannot bare, the ones that take me down deep,

they turn into nightmares, they make me feel weak. 

And when the pain passes, when I feel I've won again, 

I fall back down and realize in the end: 

The burden I hold, the secrets I keep, the people I've told, the hearts I've reaped, 

the times I've strayed, the ones that stayed, it keeps me going, 

keeps me sane, to feel the pain and live through the day, 

it's all in the game, called life we play. 

So with this trouble I lay to rest, and settle for what I know is best-

Say goodbye to today's sorrow, 

Only to welcome a new tomorrow.

Created: Apr 12, 2012

Tags: poem

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