American Scrimp n Save - Fall Formal - 2nd cut

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With the superb direction from Dr. Gory, that I hope I fulfilled, in the best way I could for now.

I left the Las vegas layers, but tricked them out when they got to the strip. I color corrected all new clips and also messed a little with red blue and white lights further, which if i do say so myself (cus its my upload) has turned out to be really fun to layer and its in Hitrecord colors... whut? (i'm so cool for you)

With respect, I would LOVE IT if someone could fulfill MY request and upload some footage if you were sitting in the STAGE LEFT,FAR BACK, LOWER LEVEL or those fancy box seats. I would really love that POV. To me, that would complete it and I know exactly where I would put it. Please upload in 1280x720 HD H.264 or RAW from your camera unless its an .AVI file, then I would say please compress that shizz..

To brittanyalyse- I left a comment on your video, but if you could please reformat your clip and reupload that would be awesome. I HATTTEEEE cropping clips, it hurts my heart a little. you have some really crisp, well shot footage that I want to maximize to its fullest potential.


My only gripe is, its so much more fun to cut to clips and shots when i dont have to think about cutting AROUND some shake or I saw when relooking at all the clips from this, that for future live shows for people that film this stuff, don't EVER film the screen. because, I will always get that screen from gory or tarin. if you have a decent shot of the stage at all from your POV, FILM IT. I couldn't use some beautiful stuff because when the right moment occured you'd cut to the freakin screen.  un-useable. <3 please take that constructively.

Also on a personal note, I got done with a job at about 12:30am and its almost 5 am now. The life of an editor. Appreciate us.  (smoked lots of weed though, so don't feel too bad)

*Stoner thought: When we're all done with this, why WOULDN'T MTV want to air this? huh? Huh? there's a question for you. (psst don't tell anyone, joe is famous)

Created: Apr 12, 2012


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