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So this song was written in my acting class interestingly called Collaborations, and the idea was to write a song after a line from some text we brought in. I'm on a Frank O' Hara kick, so that was my inspiration. I was very flattered and happy when the teacher said it broke his heart, so I put it out to you all. And in the spirit of collaborating, if anyone wants to add music to my otherwise acappella piece please feel free or just take a listen.  I have two versions a softer one and a louder one. I'm uploading the quieter cause I felt like it goes better with the vibe, but if you want the louder one just for contrast or interest let me know! Thank you! Lyrics below:

I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting for a sign.

I'm waiting, I'm waiting, to make up my mind.

Somewhere I forgot and somewhere I remembered.

I'm waiting for it all to seem beautiful this time.


I'm listening, for the explosion when I become new again.

I'm listening, I'm waiting for it all to heal, for it all to mend.


Somewhere I felt, and somewhere I became numb.

And somewhere, I waited for you to come.

Waiting, waiting, quietly waiting for someone,

Waiting for someone to to find me.

Waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting.

Created: Apr 11, 2012


Rochelle Boucher Audio Media