Cleaning Up a Troll's Nose (dialogue tales)

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“It was horrible. So uncomfortable, so… dirty.”

“You’ll get used to it.”

“But I don’t want to! How would YOU like it if YOU had to do this for a living?”

“I’d shut up about it and watch the movie we’re watching right now.”

“You can’t imagine… the sleaze, the fungus, the gnomes…”

“I’m sorry, gnomes?! Were you cleaning up a troll’s nose?”

“Don’t make me snort. Hey wait, say troll’s nose ten times fast! Anyway, it was just the most disgusting thing. I wouldn't wish this on anyone... not even Voldemort!”

“I'd rather not picture him doing that."

"I hear ya, I'll have nightmares tonight, that's for s..."

"Shh, my favorite part is coming. Now he's gonna point his wand and…”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what it was! I just kept going until it was gone, every last bit.”

“Ugh, stop it. This is hardly appropriate while watching a kids movie.”

“Oh now, take it back! Harry Potter is not…”

“So you were saying about the fungus?”

“Yeah, it was like a FRIGGIN' FOREST IN THERE!”

“All right, just tell me about it while I make more popcorn.”

Created: Apr 11, 2012


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