The Legend of The Tenebrae

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     Once upon a deep dark night a shadow unlike any other emerged from its deep dark cave.
“Rejoice my brothers!” the Tenebrae rasped, “For I am free and I have so much to tell you!”, but the other shadows would not listen, for they were afraid of his voice.
“Listen to me!” he pleaded, “I have been locked away by the evil moon and stars.  I have grown strong and learned of the magic of true darkness.  Let me teach you!”  Instead his brothers turned and fled, for they were afraid of his form.

     Angered, he snatched up as many of his brothers as could be found. locking them in his jars, the great shadow carried his kin to his lair where he might educate them in peace, away from the cruel moon and bitter stars.

     Without hesitation the great shadow began to share his knowledge, failing to notice that his brothers were growing ill.  As the hours passed on his brothers began to fade, but so ecstatic to be with his kind, the Tenebrae still did not notice.  Only once the first of his brothers vanished did the great shadow realize what was happening.

     Stricken with terror he flew about his cave trying to free his kin. The Tenebrae was quick, but each time he opened a jar he found it empty. Too late he realized that his brothers had grown dependant upon the hateful moon and glaring stars.
“Impossible!” the great shadow cried, “How dare my brothers abandon me after all my time alone!”  The great shadow paced about desperately over broken shelves and glass.
“Surely not all of them have forgotten the old ways.  These weaklings have no right to call themselves my kin. ” The shadow gave pause to bury away any other thoughts before they could consume him.
“I will find my true kin and with them we shall chase the harsh light from this world for it is the light who has hidden my brothers.”

Created: Apr 10, 2012

Tags: short stories, story, shadow beings, tenebrae

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