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Hi everyone, I wanted to address an issue that was raised with regards to "Categorical Crediting" when it comes to Profit Distribution.

via had posted: "of all the art forms that are used on this site, editing is the only one that isn't tracked or compensated as a separate contribution."

Editing is something that has been taken into consideration regarding Profit Distribution and will continue to be going forward. This "categorical crediting" has been done before on Profit Proposals. For instance, on "MMM2," LawrieBrewster was credited as "Art Director / Visual FX / Animation / Zoo Maker" and given a percentage of that production's profits under that title.

Recently, with College Tour 2010, filmpunk and Melanne had posted on the thread for the "Glitch Megamix // Works In Progress" Profit Proposal that editors whose work was used should be compensated separately as "editors." After taking the comments into consideration it was agreed upon.

The five editors whose work was used (Melanne, filmpunk, Sparra, Dr. Gory, and RegularJOE) received 1% each (totalling 5%) of the profits for that production. In the Final Profits they are listed as "Editors."

It is important to keep in mind that this particular RECord played for roughly 30 seconds and was screened as RegularJOE discussed the "Glitch Megamix" collaboration to the audience. This unique screening weighed heavily with regards to the profit splits on this record.

After review, we feel the final Profit Distribution represents the nature in which this production was screened and we took into account all remarks on the Profit Proposal's thread as we created the final breakdown.

As always, feedback from the community regarding Profit Distribution is essential in creating a fair and accurate breakdown of the profits. We look into every remark and determine a breakdown that is appropriate to each record, as well as how it was screened during a given show or presented within a particular production.

Please feel free to ask any questions at any time on the site or through "Support(at)hitRECord(dot)com."


- MC


Created: Apr 09, 2012


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