Color me blind (can someone make this into a song?)

By oreias

Ok, I have NO idea where this came from, it just attacked me and I had to write it down.. I think it's better suited for a song lyric than for a poem to so... I was thinking, could anyone of you that's good with music instruments and have a hell of a good voice to maybe make music to it and sing it? It would be SO cool! (and if someone knows how to write notes for said song tune, please do so and send it I want it! :D

Color me blind

I feel colorless like a tear and drowned like a shell in the sea
I have forgotten how to love and keep on wondering why that came to be

Dreams have become dull and I can't see clear where I stand
I miss your hand in mine where we stood looking at our imaginary land

The crossroad in my life is hidden in the fog of my crying heart
You left me alone when you promised me never to leave I don't know where to start

How am I to breathe without you beside me and how will I live by myself
I feel like a used and forgotten toy left by a child on the top shelf

The dusk falls heavy and all I see is the darkness surrounding me
You told me once that we would never part that it would be just you and me - we

Where are you in all of this give me back my breath
I can't stop longing and I can't understand how you could leave

I beg you please bring back the light in me so I can see
The colors are gone and I'm trembling because you're not near me

The world in darkness is cold and damp but I still remember
The times we had together were so colorful warm and tender

The promises you made to me while whispering words in my ear
The little sweet words that were just for you and me to hear

The voice that made me smile back then but only breaks my heart now
The sorrow of my heart has drowned me in a sea of no tomorrow

Come back to me or kill me again I beg you please to make up your mind
The stars are gone from my skies and I am fighting but I keep on loosing and I become blind

I can not live like this but I can't stop missing you
please come back and tell me what I should do

I love you.


Color me blind (can someone make this into a song?)

Created: Apr 13, 2010


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