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I find it hard to choke back tears, 
Even though it has only been a few years,
Since you left me on this day
With only melodies and memories to stay.

You had your own style
Starting with a white mane and a big naughty smile
That could give almost any bad day
A small delight, all because of a man called Ray

I remember you driving that big brown rig.
I wish you'd come home again jiggady-jig
And sing a long with a cassette tape
With a "ha cha cha" over any mistake.

I remember our ice cream runs and watching soul
Shine through while you played your trombone
I wish I could still call you on the phone
And share a joke - anything to hear your voice again.

To say "I miss you" would be an understatement
Because no one could ever find a replacement
For my best friend, my grandpa, my Bobby.

I can speak for almost everybody
When I say, I know your not too far away
Because in my heart and your favorite pond you will always stay. <3

Created: Apr 09, 2012


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