Then again My heart cries (poem)

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Just another beautiful day,

That light, that flora, the winds of May,

Under the drapes of shadows lay I,

In the darkness, solemn, solitude, I cry,


Yet no one bothers to respond to my call,

My cry, my plea, my fright, I fall,

In the darkness, just me, covered in the curtains of silence,

My heart cries for help, whilst the violence,


Just another day, I do not witness,

Just those hours I wait for justness,

For your betrayal remained intolerable,

You, my dear, left me in a state so horrible,


I cover myself, my heart in a shroud,

Leaving my life to you, I vowed,

Never did I think of such treachery,

You shattered the colors of life into misery,


Yet I dream, I see you at night,

Haunting, my desires, my hopes alight,

I miss the radiance, the chromatic spectrum of existence,

I live, with the last thing I have, my reminiscence.


Then again my heart cries,

Alas, nothing else, but darkness will arise,

As only you have led on with life,

Leaving me alone, in the dark, stabbed with a knife.


-          Simran Venkatraman


Created: Apr 08, 2012

Tags: sadness, darkness, heartbreak, awesome, you must seriously reccommend it, poem

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