An office meeting

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I see the Aviator by LukeC owning Son of an impossible love by auramofli in his office. The Aviator is not subverted, he is every cliche his stereotype intends, only with a particular odd phobia (perhaps the colour green, implying natural and living things)

I Need to Unwind by WhenIwasLittle applies for vacation leave, citing a need to find a better work-life balance after a previous calamity (in-story) threw him off-course. The aviator tells him he should be less flexible. Less changable.He walks outside the very stoic, rigid place of employment (factory?) to see Cactus and Baloon by LydiaSaskia palying merrily from himself.
From this he begins to grasp the concept of careful fun. This is the first sign of "balance" to him.

He feels weighted. Down. His back is aching from constantly having to chose. One is pulling harder in his direction and while he is not vigorously fighting him, it will not relent and he is reluctant to give in completely.
He returns home and finds an intruder in the dark (did you hear that rufus? by sojshots). Rufus is not lightbulb-man's pet's name, it is the name she gave him. He flicks on the light and she transforms to paint by wirrow, an illumination or catharsis.

Dazzled, he stands upright. The weight is gone. He feels like Colour Me In by Lydia Saskia. He wants to be coloured. (I understand not the purpose of the title). He wants something new and fresh, she can provide it.

Created: Apr 07, 2012


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