Chapter 1

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Mama walks into my room. Her smile is as bright as the morning sunshine: just the way I like it; warm and often gives me this ticklish feeling on my neck.

               ‘Is my darling alright? ’, she asks with a smirk on her face.

               Before she sits on the side of my bed, she carefully smoothes the wrinkled surface. Her face is so immaculate; it’s as if I’m looking at the face of the Virgin Mary. I know Mama rarely wears make up, well it’s only in photographs where I see it and sometimes I can hardly notice it. It is as if God had decided that she must always look pretty, even in ordinary days.

               ‘Well? Have you lost your tongue?’

               ‘I’m sorry Mama, I’m okay now. It’s far from my heart, and I’m definitely sure that I’m ready to go to school on Wednesday.’

               ‘Here you go. Ham and cheese omelet, just the way you like it.’


                ‘And no I didn’t forget about the ketchup… and the orange juice.’

               ‘Aww Mama, thank you! ’, I said with a big smile on my face.

               She leaves my door open and wants me to give her a shout when I need her.

               While I’m eating, thoughts are racing in my head: School, Mrs. Benito, Eloisa and Papa. I wish Papa is here with us right now, but it’s alright, the army needs him- the country needs him. He is the very best they could hope for- strong, brave and handsome; just like those knights in the story books we used to read in school. How lucky am I?

               Of course Papa knows by now that I had a little accident at school, I wrote him a five-page long story about it. Everybody knows I like telling stories, but only true- based on event stories.








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