Send in the Clowns -poem-

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Ah to be the clown
What it is to 'never' have a frown
Always with a laugh and a smile
to make people happy by going the extra mile
There to comfort people with humor and fun
No one suspects that you might just wanna scream and run
No one realizes that instead of screaming and crying
we laugh to mask how quickly inside we're dying
Making jokes
fun at each other we poke
In silent moments we're the suddenly funny noise
In moments of seriousness we crack the room up
and each person is blind to the shadow that lingers above our heads poised
ready to pounce downward and bury us deep in the muck
We're the shoulder for people to cry on
We're the ones people go to when they need laughter
But what about when we need the shoulder?
What about when insanity runs through us like a blade at slaughter?
Who is there for us?
People say they'd be there for us
But we're too scared to risk it
Sometimes our problems seem to fucked up
We just want to quit
Too afraid to say 'hey
I need a friend'
because no one would believe that we
who are always smiling
always laughing
never crying
or depressed
could feel so low
But our humor under the sadness starts to bow
Bending and bending
and almost breaking
But then we redouble our efforts
to make jokes and humor
Work even harder to be our happy
bubbly selves
And sometimes it even makes us feel better
Cheering ourselves up
and making others happy too
I'll always be here to help you
Ready with a laugh
Armed with a smile
Prepared to run that extra mile
just to make you laugh
Because I never have a frown
for I am the clown

Created: Apr 07, 2012


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