circus ride

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I’ve been listening to Perez’s Jazz Circus Lullaby on repeat...

A private circus just for you,
come and see what I can do.
No token needed, there is no fee.
Your pleasures, I give for free.
Shed your inhibitions and step inside.
Close your eyes, let’s take a ride.
Let the carousel spin you ‘round,
and all your desires will abound.
This is for you, so please enjoy,
I promise I won’t be coy.
Climb aboard the ferris wheel,
and every fantasy I’ll make real.
Flips and tricks on the trampoline,
we’ll do things you’ve never seen.
Sway your hips in rhythm with me,
underneath the canopy.

Created: Apr 12, 2010

Tags: sensual, sexy, carnival, music inspired

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