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once stood by my hearth
when morning brokeby the side of a crackling fire,
you immersed yourself
wrapping the night within a forgotten turret
and cloaking your naked body with
but the innocence of truth
in all its brevity.

All this, the universe within
the dwindling residue
of the evenings passionate embrace.

I had wished to seep into the terraces
of your heart,
praying to the Almighty
to let me into the folding spaces
that still left lingering within
the embers of a lost and caressing love,
but you, shy away
with fading radiance
refusing both light and touch.

This distance;
it eludes me
but by that single thread uncut,
of permeating modesty and time,
time unrelenting.

I shall await you,
till the day
we embrace again,
not with the confluence of our
earthly shell
but by the merging
of our souls,
and then to let the eternally flowing reverie
of paradise unfold

Created: Apr 06, 2012


Shehzar Document Media